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About MedAbode

What is MedAbode

With a focus on saving medical professionals time, money and convenience, MedAbode is the only full-service experience of its kind.


We understand how valuable your time is. Our proprietary platform and concierge service make the transaction process fit into your schedule, not the other way around. We leverage newly released technology, preferred vendor relationships, in house expert financial document review, post-closing services, discounts on daily amenities like food and dry cleaning, and your own virtual assistant to help save you time. Best of all, these services are built into the transaction process at no charge.


Our lender relationships ensure best-in-class financing options, often with as little as 0% down, no mortgage insurance, and flexible approvals that accommodate factors like student debt and future income. We are privy to city, state and local incentive programs including those available for certain hospital networks.

  • As little as 0% down payment. You can always put more down if you would like. We find low down payment options can be valuable for Residents just starting out, professionals in transition looking to manage their cash output or folks just looking to take advantage of the historically low interest rates.

  • No mortgage insurance. For traditional mortgages with less than a 20% down payment the borrower is usually required to may monthly mortgage insurance premiums that amount to thousands of dollars per year. This is a benefit highly unique to these loans.

  • Disregarded student debt. Student debt can be a significant burden on the debt-to-income ratio lenders use to qualify you for a loan. Our lenders can usually disregard all student loans obligations that are deferred beyond one year.

  • Grant programs – We are connected to countless closing cost grants that may be available through your hospital or municipality.

  • Qualify on an employment contract – Unlike most borrowers, you will not need extensive employment history. You can usually qualify and even close the home before starting your new position by providing only a proof of upcoming employment.
  • Seller assist and gift money. Despite access to the powerful and unique benefits above, further cash assistance is generally still available through gift money from the borrower’s family or a rebate we negotiate with the seller.


Prefer comprehensive service? A consultation with our real estate and financial experts is included. We know university incentive programs and the neighborhoods surrounding your workplace. Our team includes CPA’s, lawyers and other professionals with financial, real estate investment and real estate contract experience who will review everything from mortgage terms to insurance quotes free of charge.


  • Changing cities? Contact us as soon as possible for assistance in coordinating preferred realtors, movers, lenders, financial advisors, and lifestyle services at your new city. We believe in the power of bringing medical professionals into our comprehensive network at no cost to them.

The Guarantee

  • If you buy a home through us and for any reason are not happy with it, we will help you list and sell the home for free, provided it is within 180 days of the settlement and you work with MedAbode to purchase a different home.

MedAbode Concierge

  • Medical professionals provide unique and invaluable services to their patients and communities. We understand the lifestyle pressures this can present. For this reason, we created MedAbode Concierge.

MedAbode Concierge is a customized service providing time and convenience to medical professionals during the home buying or selling process.

Contact us or ask your MedAbode contact about how the Concierge service can best provide you additional convenience.

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MedAbode is the partner you need. We focus on you and are here to provide flexibility, convenience, financial guidance, and expert advice. MedAbode is your real estate solution.
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